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Spiritual Healing with Marina Anderson

Marina Anderson is a noted actress, voice-over artist, writer, producer, acting coach, personal manager, published best-selling author, career consultant and metaphysician.

She came into her awareness of her healing abilities as a child and over the years while exploring the metaphysical field, has fine-tuned her skills as a biofield therapist (energy healer).  Marina formally began this journey in 1988 when she became a minister with the Universal Life Church and began studying for several years with noted healer, Rosalyn Bruyere at the Healing Light Center in Sierra Madre.

Learning various additional modalities since then, Marina combines her intuitive abilities with the different selected integrative methods in her transference of energy work (such as Hawaiian healing of Ho’oponopono, crystals, sound, color, chelation, tapping and body movement). She works with her clients (people and pets) internationally via phone, remote healings, Skype, Zoom and Facetime.




Empowered by Healing

In her sessions, Marina facilitates people to empower and heal themselves -- release blocks, connect with their higher self and re-ground their energy field, helping to bring them "wholeness" ... more balanced, harmonious, healthy and fulfilling lives….to achieve potential improvements in physical, mental, emotional well-being and greater overall happiness in life.

Marina is a certified Reiki (Usui lineage) Master, Sacred Flames Master Reiki Master, Raku Kei Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Master and Animal Reiki Practitioner. Her energy work helps to facilitate positive shifts in people and pets with PTSD, chronic pain, abuse/trauma, anxiety, stress, grief, as well as other ailments or problems.


From the emotional trauma of their divorce, Marina designed her own empowerment jewelry, The Flying Goddess(TM) which has been covered in the media and in the possession of celebrities such as: Shirley MacLaine, Fran Drescher, Dr. Maya Angelou, Jillie Mack (Mrs. Tom Selleck) and Jan (Mrs. Mickey) Rooney, Jennifer Love Hewitt and others.


Marina's Story and Healing Chat

Marina talks with the mediums about her life and spiritual calling.


In the Hollywood entertainment world, Marina was acknowledged as being singly responsible via her efforts as personal manager and publicist, for resurrecting the career of her ex-husband, actor, Kung Fu icon, David Carradine, which culminated with his being cast in Quentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill. During their six years together, her life and career with Carradine has been highly publicized worldwide.

Marina was the sole motivating factor of his sobriety after many years of alcohol abuse (E! True Hollywood Stories and E! Hollywood Wives Tales). She combined her skills to rebuild his career as well as pursuing her own. All is recounted in her best-selling memoir, David Carradine, The Eye Of My Tornado, which is endorsed by Dr. Drew (Pinsky) (Loveline, Sober House, Celebrity Rehab). A new, updated version of her memoir is selling worldwide.

As an established, versatile and skilled actress, Marina has appeared in dozens of unique and diverse starring, recurring, and supporting roles opposite “A” list talent. She’s been showcased in many comedic and dramatic films and television shows displaying chameleon like qualities in roles from murderers to moms, attorneys to bimbos.

Marina has achieved notoriety and recognition within the indie movie circuit as well as prime-time mainstream distribution and national commercials. You may have seen Marina on: Bones, The Mentalist, Dexter, Big Time Rush, Desperate Housewives, Kung Fu The Legend Continues, Scales of Justice, 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, The Red Maple Leaf, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Dynasty, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Safeway Markets, Marilu Henner podcast, Larry King, Inside Edition, Insider, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, AM LA Hard Copy, Celebrity Justice, CNN, Howard Stern, E! Hollywood Wives Tales, E! True Hollywood Story, E! The View, Fashion Emergency, Oscars pre show, Crossing Over With John Edward, Home and Family Show (2), First Miss Dog Beauty Pageant, Telegado Awards, Woof! Woof! Mathew Margolis' Guide to Dog Training, American Oceans Celebrity Sports Invitational (jet ski competition), Dream Foundation Celebrity Sports Invitational (jet ski competition), Hollywood Santa Clause Lane Parade and more including dozens of voiceover commercials.


In 2012, Marina opened her own publicity company, The Media Hound PR specializing in the entertainment industry, events and publishing for celebrities such as, Dick Van Dyke, actor-environmentalist Ed Begley Jr, actor-author Robby Benson, music icon Alan Parsons, Gary U.S. Bonds, Morgan Brown, Frank Stallone, Don Most and many others.


Continuing with her love of writing, Marina is about to publish the first in a series of inspirational children’s books.

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Michael and I are so pleased to hear that you will be using your healing gift to aid and benefit individuals by using your spiritual energy in order to facilitate their healing process. Your magic hands served us well when Toni was living with us. I remember well when her muscles had seized up, and your loving technique freed her from pain, and she was able carry on with her work. Chris our son benefitted as well, and I can only applaud that you will now be doing what you were meant to do.
Adrianne Anderson – Vancouver, B.C. (wife of famed director Michael Anderson)

“Marina has a healing vibration that is sympathetic, compassionate and loving. It extends to everyone she spiritually reaches out to, bringing peace, solace and healing.” 
Craig Hamilton-Parker (Spiritual teacher and best-selling author), UK

Marina is a Godsend and major force in my healing after being run over by an automobile and returning from the hospital. The accident left me with 2 broken hips, a severe blood clot in my left leg and excruciating pain. Gaining mobility wasn’t an easy process and even with in-house physical therapy nothing could relieve me of my overall pain.

Marina was quick to my rescue and with her intuitive gifts got right to the problem areas helping to subside my pain and calm my panic attacks of PTSD that even the physical therapist lacked in their expertise.

From her first treatment there was a major shift in reducing the swelling caused by the blood clot. Aside from her healing hands, she works with visualization and a rare kaleidoscope technique. Her bi-weekly visits that included remote healings, also improved my mind to believe I would walk again. And I am!
John K., Hollywood CA

23 years ago heart failure hospitalized me; I was in Intensive Care 5 days. Once released a key component of my return to health was Marina's healing treatments. I currently referee soccer.
Rick Gates, CA

In over the last two decades of my relationship and experience with Marina Anderson, my reflection is a constant, caring, loving, spiritual heart matched with a high level of intelligence in all matters that come her way.  Marina projects a healing light and I find that my outlook is always much improved after our interactions.  I highly recommend her as a spiritual teacher and have always been grateful for her and our mutual friendship. 
Best, Sandra Will Carradine

"I benefited from the therapy given to me by Marina Anderson. It was gentle, had a relaxing effect, and I actually enjoyed the therapy.   I was having a problem with ongoing pain and fatigue. The medicines and physical therapies I had tried for several weeks helped a little but weren't cutting it. After the treatment course given by Marina I felt a significant improvement. That improvement has been long-term, to this day.  Thank you very much Marina!
Dan B. - Santa Clarita, CA

"Marina has helped me numerous times with an injured right shoulder rotator joint by way of energy work, aromatherapy and crystals. Talk about all-encompassing holistic healing... her understanding nature and on point instincts immediately put me at ease. What an angel."
Jimmy Swan - Minnesota

Marina called my office one day and after talking to her, I instinctually knew she had a gift.  I am an empath and constantly trust my intuition.  I was excited to hear she performed reiki and had meditations I could listen to.  I have had four brain surgeries and as a result of the incisions, the muscles surrounding my scalp have been damaged causing migraines and shooting pain in my face.   The pain can be exacerbated by stress and being in the entertainment industry, I experience stress on a daily basis. Marina sent me an meditation right away and I listed to it on the way home from work.    The results were almost instant with my headaches diminishing and the pressure of stress - seemed less demanding and more doable. I would strongly recommend Marina!!   
Laura V from Ohio

The information contained on this website is not to be construed as medical or psychological advice and is not to be considered a replacement for medical care, medical diagnosis, therapy, counseling or treatment of any kind. It is educational in nature and is provided only as general information. Always refer to a licensed health care professional for health care. Marina Anderson is not a physician, psychologist, psychotherapist or other licensed health care practitioner and does not provide psychological or medical diagnosis, treatments or any other medical service in her sessions or trainings or as part of this free website. She does not make any promises, warranties or guarantees about the results of her energy work or the Divine guidance she may receive and relay to people.

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